Centre Photography Styling Tips

Dear wonderful parents,


It's Eetane here. Just wanting to let you know that I am super excited to be photographing your beautiful children soon! Below are some tips to take note of for a smooth session and beautiful images:


Photo Tips

  • Please dress your children on the nominated days. The 2 nominated days remove the guesswork as to when your child is to be photographed, therefore dressed accordingly. This also allows him/her and myself time to warm up to each other if your child is a little shy the first time meeting me. Your child will be photographed on 1 of the 2 nominated days, or occasionally both days if I didn’t get enough images on one of the days. Therefore, it is best to dress him/her on both days :)

  • Clothing selection plays an important factor. In general, plain and solid colours clothing are best.

  • Avoid super bright colour clothing such as red, bright pink, bright green as they draw attention away from cute faces.

  • Pastel colours are great and work really well with jeans, skirts, or khaki pants.

  • Small prints and patterns are fine, avoid big prints or licensed images like Disney as they are usually distracting.

  • A little effort on hairstyle goes a long way, a good suggestion would be a little hair spray or clips to keep the hair in tip top shape.

  • See some photos below for styling reference :)

I look forward to meeting your children and creating some wonderful memories!


Eetane x