Mini Session Style Guide

Tip 1: Things to avoid

Avoid distracting outfits such Large Logos, Graphic Tees, Character Tees, overpowering patterns, neon, fluro and super bright colours. Try to avoid super dark and black colours top too if you can.

Tip 2: Coordinate, Don't Match

Aim for a coordinated look among your subjects without being too uniform. Choose a color palette or theme that ties the outfits together without everyone wearing identical clothing. This allows individual personalities to shine while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. Neutral colours such as

Tip 3: Start with a Core Outfit

Begin by selecting a central outfit, typically worn by the person who organized the session or the main focus (such as mom in a family shoot). Build the remaining outfits around this central piece, ensuring that the color scheme and style complement but don't overpower each other. Incorporate a mix of patterns, textures, and fabrics to add visual interest.

Tip 4: Utilize Pinterest for Inspiration

Explore Pinterest for outfit inspiration tailored to your specific photo session theme or vision. Create a mood board or pin outfits that resonate with your desired aesthetic. Use these ideas as a starting point for styling your own outfits, adapting them to suit your unique preferences and personalities.

Tip 5: Session with Children

I recommend feeding the children before the session so they are not hungry. Also let them know this is going to be fun and relaxing.

By following these tips, you can create beautifully coordinated outfits that enhance the overall look and feel of your mini photo session, resulting in timeless and visually appealing images.