There are plenty we can do with the our digitals as they are so versatile!

With all the gorgeous images of our children the last thing we want to do is to leave them on the computer. Below are some examples of what we can do with them, the only limit is our imagination! Many parents print them as soon as they receive the files, some even well in advance of special occasions (such as Christmas, Birthdays etc). These gifts are thoughtful and personal, plus they are super popular with grandparents including loved ones overseas.

Full story collection - slideshow + added bonus (B&W images)

The slideshow is a wonderful way to remember this beautiful childhood as a story. It consists of the full collection of all the images from the entire gallery, accompanied by beautiful music, your child's name, the name of the centre and the year it is created. Imagine playing a series of these on his / her 21st birthday, or show them to the grand children! (Ok maybe I am way ahead of myself here lol). Either way this is an amazing memory that will last forever.

The slideshow is complimentary and custom made for you with the purchase of the full gallery, it is delivered within 48 hours after the purchase. This year the full gallery also comes with matching digitals in B&W (black and white). B&W images are timeless, artistic and elegant, they can be a stunning display for your beautiful home or in a room.

To see a sample of the Slideshow check out the video below.

Adalynn . 2023 Childhood Memories